The Liberace Mansion Makes History

He was known as Mr. Showmanship and at one time was the highest paid Entertainer in the World. His amazing talent and style was only surpassed by his flamboyant and glamorous persona. There was only one Liberace and Wednesday night that image was again the center of an event to honor him.

Liberace was not only the Entertainer on stage; he was also the Entertainer at his home the Liberace Mansion. His Las Vegas home, which had been saved from the wrecking ball, has now been resurrected to it original glamour and Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 it was unveiled that the home has received the first Historical designation in Clark County Nevada.

If Liberace, better known as Lee to his friends and Walter to his family, was still alive… “I imagine he’d say, too much of a good thing is wonderful!” said Martyn Ravenhill, the man who purchased the home and restored it to its original beauty. It has been 30 years since Liberace’s death but the entertainer and showman made his mark on Las Vegas and Wednesday night the spotlight was on the Liberace mansion and Liberace again. In front of a crowd of nearly a hundred, Mr. Ravenhill unveiled the plaque designating the Liberace Mansion as the first historic location in Clark County.

But the celebration didn’t stop there. It was a night of many new beginnings. The Now Report’s own Steve Schorr, host of “Under the Vegas Sun”, a national and internationally broadcast TV show started its tenth season live at the Liberace Mansion with an announcement that the TV Show will now be produced each week inside the Mansion.

It will mark the first ever that a Las Vegas production will be fully produced from the Liberace mansion. The show can be seen in 200 plus cities and 7 foreign countries

“On such a special occasion, there isn’t a special guest more fitting than Frankie Scinta, a performer who shares the same qualities of showmanship as my friend Liberace,” Schorr said. Scinta can now say he played Liberace’s piano and shared his own memories and feelings of Liberace. Schorr said in the weeks to come viewers will be shown the inside of the Mansion and the amazing stories that go along with it. Notably the Liberace mansion only has 2 bedrooms, but the Mansion boasts of ten bathrooms. It was also revealed that while Liberace’s bedroom may just be the best room in the house, people need to look up. Liberace commissioned a ceiling mural that depicts the Sistine Chapel.

“We have a tendency to tear things down when they get old, but thanks to Martyn’s efforts we can savor history, especially like the Liberace Mansion”, Steve Schorr said.



    It was a wonderful event. Thank you Martyn Ravenhill for all your hard work. Liberace mansion is preserved for generations to come. It’s magnificent !

  • Gerald White

    Wonderful news! Thank you, Martyn, for saving our beloved Liberace’s Las Vegas home! I know Lee is so proud of all the work that you have accomplished in saving the Mansion from destruction! Thank you, again, my wonderful friend!