Why “The NOW Report”

In today’s fast paced life in which we all live having information concerning the world around you has become even more critical. The role of newspapers, either digital or printed, has remained the same in that it must be the source of fair, balanced and verifiable information. While social media has an important place in the lives of people, the news media, through the sharing of stories of a community, has an even greater responsibility. It is with that responsibility that we have created “The NOW Report.”

With the words “The Independent Voice” comes an obligation to provide fair and unbiased reporting. No editorial content within the stories, No deciding for the readers of the right or wrong of a story and No putting personal opinions within those stories. Stories must be, as stated before, fair and balanced.

For nearly forty years Las Vegas has been my home. It is where my family grew up, where my sons went to Public School, and where I was lucky enough to become a proud member of this community. I learned from some of the great people of Las Vegas what it takes to help make the community grow. People like Irwin Molasky, Kirk Kerkorian, Sig Rogich, Jerome Mack, Perry Thomas, Hank Greenspun, Thalia Dondero, Steve Wynn and others. I have also watched the young leaders of today like Jim Murren, Tony Hseih, Derek Stevens and their peers bring forth an even greater chance for tomorrow. Through it all having the information that impacts this community at your fingertips has always been a key to success.

I am proud of my almost 40 years In Las Vegas and the lessons I have learned. From television news to business leader it has always been those lessons that have surrounded me. Lessons of honesty, truth and communication! “The NOW Report” seeks to extend that ability to communicate and we are honored to be part of the Associated Press family bringing the latest World and National news to you. As Ben Franklin once said “Either write something worth reading or do something worth Writing!” The Now Report hopes to do both.